Glystro Tech

The Glystro automated curtain system is designed to provide your customers with utmost comfort and convenience. The benefits of a Glystro automated curtain include:

Compact, Light Weight & Easy to Install
Its compact and light weight design makes Glystro easy to install without any unsightly wires or cords. The slim motor weighing only 750 grams (Glystro 25) and 1100 grams (Glystro 50), combined with a simple track connection harmonises well with various types of windows and curtains.

Smooth & Quietcurtain_2
Smooth and quiet operation with the latest innovation – a belt driven system that ensures your customers enjoy complete peace of mind. The belt has an embedded steel core that eliminates tension and elongation during operation.

Greater Convenience
Glystro gives your customers the freedom to choose whether to control the curtains by remote controls, wired switches or Home Automation Systems. The Glystro curtain system has a manual override function Рa bulit-in electromagnetic clutch Рthat allows users to draw their curtains manually without damaging the system or their cusrtains.